Friday, April 13, 2012

Improve Quality and Lower the Cost of Health Care through Social Media and the Power of Why

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applez2applez announced today the expansion of its SaaS verticals to include health care related services. 

Concerned about the:
  •  crisis of obesity
  •  heart related ailments, 
  •  type II diabetes, 
  •  low level of fitness, and 
  • exploding health care costs

applez2applez expanded its line of recommendations engines to include services for:
  •  end consumers of health care,
  •  providers of health care, as well as,
  •  medical insurance companies.

End consumers will be able to:
  •   share their needs and preferences and 
  •   learn from others the best ways to stay healthy
  •   save on health care costs.

Health care providers will be able to: 

  •   learn how the effectiveness of their services is viewed by  their patients.
Medical insurers will be able to:
  •  engage their end customers in a fun, game based approach to help them 
  •   improve their knowledge of best health related practices and 
  •   choose the ones best for them.  

The end game is to improve wellness among the general population, thus lowering the cost of health care.

This short video will give you general idea of the new applez2applez health care related product:

applez2applez entered its new health care related product in the Mass Challenge, an annual competition of startup companies that attempt to create a better world. 

The voting procedure consists of two steps:

Step 1. Register.

Click on the applez2applez profile on the Mass Challenge web site.

Click on Register in the upper right hand corner, on the next page enter your e-mail address, click on the Observer radio button, and click on Register (in the lower right hand corner).

Your password and further instructions will be sent to your e-mail address.

Step 2. Vote.

Click on the link in the e-mail from Mass Challenge – you will be automatically logged in to the Mass Challenge web site.

Click on “The Startups”, then on “2012 Entrants”, scroll down until you see “applez2applez” and click on it. 

You are now on the applez2applez profile page. Locate “Your Rating:” section on the right hand side of the page. You will see 5 stars. Each star corresponds to a rating:
  • One star – Poor
  • Two stars – Okay
  • Three stars – Good
  • Four stars – Great
  • Five stars – Awesome

Click on the star that corresponds to your rating (hopefully awesome).

Your vote will be automatically saved upon your click. Each e-mail address can vote only one time. 

Thank you for helping to create a better world.