Monday, October 3, 2011

Monetizing Social Media

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Monetizing Social Media – how to use social media data to  drive revenue and profits

We will help all commercial companies involved in the sales, distribution,
financing and support of consumer products and services to take maximum
advantage of social media data to drive profitable growth.

Target Audiences:
We will cover the critical issues challenging Manufacturers,
Retailers/eTailers, Investors, Business Consultants, Lending
Institutions, Location Based Services Providers, Coupon Companies.

Our Belief:
Leveraging social media data and trends is mission critical for commercial
companies to drive competitively superior profitable growth, and
differentiate themselves, at a time where consumers are being
overwhelmed by product and service and channel choices.

Debit Card Fees: The issue of debit card fees for merchants and consumers is the initial hot topic we will address.

The Apparent Issue:
Lending institutions are under immense political and increasing
regulatory pressure in these highly charged times to reduce the fees
charged to merchants when consumers use their debit cards on the grounds
that the actual costs and risks involved for the lending institutions
are a fraction of the actual debit card fees. Would you like to read more about this issue?

Current Response: More of the same:
In order to redress the revenue loss foreseen due to being
forced/coerced to lower merchant fees, many lending institutions are
seeking to replace lost merchant fee revenue with new consumer fee
revenues – triggering a firestorm of resentment, and a whole range of
potentially damaging consumer and political reactions.

The Real Issue answer: Less of the Same:
The real issue is that lending institutions must find paths to new
revenues that are not subject to intense political and regulatory
scrutiny and which are neither fee nor rate based, but aimed at adding
significant value to their merchant and consumer customers in different

Next Week: The Solution:
Sign up with Monetizing Social Media and we will share with you a
“win-win” solution for lending institutions, their merchant partners and
end consumers based on the unique opportunity afforded by the emergence
of social media data to change the industry revenue and competitive

Future topics will include:

Social Media STRATEGY is Mission Critical
a.      Explains WHY you MUST have a clearly defining and effectiveness measurable STRATEGY for Social Media
b.      The financial implications of a “best in class” social media strategy versus a “least effective” social media strategy

Benchmarking Your Social Media Strategy
a.      Provides a downloadable spreadsheet to measure your current social media strategy with embedded implications
b.      4 quartile way of segmenting results

Most Costly Social Media Strategy Mistakes
a.      Overview of the 3-5 errors companies make that costs them the most in the marketplace
b.      Focus on the market opportunity cost and not the actual expenses of your social media strategy

Linking Your Partners For Profit
a.      Approaches to embedding your commercial suppliers and B2B customers as vital components of your social media strategy
b.      Ecosystem perspective of social media for profit

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